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Bob Roberts, 6-9am

Bob Roberts

Call Bob Roberts and the Q - Morning Crew
Weekdays: 6am to 9am

Dave Hunter, 9-11am

Dave Hunter

Why did you get into radio?
Dave: "I got into radio because I was intrigued by the guy I heard on the radio while I was getting ready for school each morning. At the time, he was having far more fun than I."

Jim Perry, Classic Cuts at Lunch, 11am-1pm

Jim Perry

Dave Bogart, 1-4pm

Dave Bogart

Why did you get into radio?
Dave: "I got into radio because of a love of music and a fascination with all the buttons and knobs and lights and switches."

Scott Curtis, 4-9pm

Scott Curtis

Why did you get into radio?
Scott: "I got into radio because the people and hours are great."

Tim Brotzman, 9-3am

Tim Brotzman

What would you be doing if you weren't in radio?
Tim: "If I weren't in radio, I'd be a financial advisor for Wachovia."

Rick Brady, 3-6am

Rick Brady

Why did you get into radio?
Rick: "If I weren't in radio, I would have probably gone into politics."

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