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Tactics to Fight Bullies
Monday, 07 January 2013

January 7--  Kids who go to school have seen or been victims of bullies, however, it has taken a different tone in recent years.

"The responses and reactions of young people have escalated.  Back in the day, kids fought and got upset and then they'd go play ball together.  In the last 20 years, we've had kids who, in response, bring a knife or gun to school.  The responses have escalated and we're concerned that the words are not just words anymore and the reaction to them is causing us great concern," according to Mark Brown, a former employee of Reader's Digest, who has made it his mission the last 16 years to help kids cope with bullies.

Brown spoke to students at Robert Toombs Christian Academy and said often the bullies themselves are crying out for help.

"Some have been bullied so much they become what they despise.  It is a way to fight back against those who have hurt them in the past and to get respect from their peers," he said.

Brown advises students to avoid being targets and to seek help from adults.

"Some young people walk around with head down and shoulders drooped and become a prime target.  If they can learn how to carry themselves more confidently and build their self-esteem, that 's one way to become stronger. I think above all young people should not be afraid to talk with an adult they can trust," he says.

"A favorite teacher, a coach, a band or chorus director.  Every child needs an adult ally.  That cool teacher they can call on without being concerned that they will criticize or make them feel even more a victim.  When you think about it, why surrender control of your life to a teenager when you have adults in your life who want to help you," he advises.

Brown has addressed more than 1.5 million students in his career and says postive feedback he recieves from his audiences in the form of letters and emails makes him know he is making a difference.  

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