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Heart Attack Alley
Wednesday, 02 January 2013

January 2--  Our part of Georgia has the highest death rate from heart attacks and strokes in the country, according to Debbie Thompson with Vidalia Medical Associates.

"In this little 17-county area, there is one place in Mississippi that's as bad off.  We hold the nation's record for the highest number of deaths from heart attack and stroke," she says.

"We're very sweet tea driven.  We're very dessert driven.  Sugar and saturated fats from fried foods and meats becomes a staple of what we put in our bodies.  Plus, it's not like we move around a lot.  We could improve our mobility and exercise in terms of walking and movement," Thompson says.

Thompson advocates a diet primarily of vegetables and fruits and says once people change, they never go back.

"An 80-year-old gentleman local to here, in four months time, came off all his medicines.  He was on two blood pressure medicines and two diabetes medicines.  He is no longer considered diabetic and in the process he reversed the plaque in his arteries and improved the blood flow from 25% to 50% and dropped 55 pounds.

"I had a lady who in four months time dropped 40 pounds and is now riding a bicycle 60 miles when she wants to.  Before that, she said my butt was too big to fit on the seat.

"Energy level is the first thing they experience.  If you can stay on it long enough to feel it, I don't have to coax you," Thompson reports.

Thompson would like for your New Year's resolution this year to be giving the vegetarian diet a chance.

"You have the choice to do whatever you want to do, but you're not free of the consequences of those choices," she observes.

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