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Christmas on Durden Street
Thursday, 20 December 2012

December 20-- You can enjoy a Christmas experience on Durden Street in Vidalia.

ImageThe family of Bob Nadekow surrounds their home with hundreds of Christmas decorations and invites everyone to come enjoy.

"When you see the kids stand there with a glow in their eyes and the smiles.  We had a 75-year-old couple spend three nights in a row sitting on our hay and the gentleman said, 'Where else can you sit, watch free movies with a blanket around you and your sweetheart and drink hot chocolate for free.'  Made our night." Nadekow says.

An unique aspect of the display is that it's interactive on the Internet.

"We've got a live webcam every night.  It's www.livestream.com/nadekowchristmas . We've had people from the Bahamas call their family while they were here.  A family called their great-great-grandfather in Florida and he got to see his great-great granddaughter for the first time on our webcam.  It was phenomenal," he remembers.

Nadekow starts putting the display together in early November and it opened this year on Thanksgiving night.  He has a couple of events coming up.

"We're going to have Santa Claus this Saturday night and The Grinch from the STC play last week will be at our house on Christmas eve," he reports.

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