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Georgia Libertarians Call for Cuts, No Borrowing
Wednesday, 14 January 2009

January 14-- With the Georgia Legislature in session, Georgia lawmakers are whining about a $2 billion budget shortfall while Georgia Libertarians relish the idea of cutting government spending.


“It is simple, our state government has grown too fat, there is too much waste. It’s time our government spends within it means,” said Jason Pye, Legislative Director for the Libertarian Party of Georgia (LPGa).


Pye said lawmakers need to bite the bullet and cut the budget to see what levels of services are actually needed in this state.


“We (Libertarians) welcome a review of all departments to see where taxpayers dollars can be saved. We believe we can cut 10% or 20% from our budget and still provide the basic services from government.  We are about to see if lawmakers can get their priorities in order,” said Pye.


According to Pye, public officials knew in advance that the economic bubble was about to burst and should have cut spending and taxes long ago.


Libertarians reject Governor Sonny Perdue’s plan to borrow money in an attempt to stimulate Georgia’s economy.


LPGa’s chairman Daniel Adams said, “We don’t support the idea that we should pile on more debt in an effort to stimulate the economy. Economic stimulation begins with lowering taxes and cutting spending, not creating more debt for a future generation to pay.”


For more information on the Libertarian Party of Georgia visit www.LPGeorgia.com.

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