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Monday, 03 December 2012
December 3--The season is underway for the VHS Indians Swim-Team. The team has already competed in a meet this year.
"We are looking pretty good, we have a lot of young members on the female side, and we are slim on the boys side with three, all three boys do real well, one of the boys is a senior, and I am hoping we bring more kids on the team next year. Trace Calloway is the senior boy, and he works hard and we get a lot out of his effort. Three senior girls, Jessie Gordon, Emily Arnold and Jordan Whitaker. Emily and Jessica have swam with me for four years, and they have been real good swimmers for a long time. We are bottom heavy in freshmen and sophmores which is good for the team in years to come."Coach Rob Hilton said.
" We did well during the one meet so far this season at Camden Co the week before Thanksgiving with everybody turning in a best time when they swam, and that's all i ever ask them to do, is to just get better each time they swim."
Hilton stated.
" A meet is coming up this weekend in Coffee Co, at South Georgia College, in Douglas, which will be a big meet with over 400 swimmers there from all classifications." Coach Hilton said.
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