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Vidalian Attends Tampa Convention
Thursday, 30 August 2012

August 30--  A Vidalia resident is attending his first national poliical party conventiion in Tampa.

ImageLee Burton (center, with Newt Gingrich and Newt's wife, Callista) is an alternate with the Georgia delegation to the Republican convention.  A 1988 graduate of Vidalia High School and a former Navy Seal, it's his first foray into politics.

"What I'm really starting to understand here is that to have any type of power in the party, we have to get more people involved in the process by going to meetings and getting our neighbors educated on what we believe and our principles.  It's an eye-opening experience," Burton says.

He also believes the convention message delivered by New Jersy Governor Chris Christy is what Americans need to hear at this time in history.

"He said this is going to hurt, but we're Americans and we can take anything.  Let's not forget who we are.  Let's dust ourselves off and stand back up and fight this together.  It's going to be tough but we will absolutely make it, and that's what people need to hear right now.  Americans, Democrats and Republicans, are hurting, but we've got to stop digging the hole we're in and climb back out.  That's exactly what people need to hear," Burton believes.

Burton says he was used to straight talk as a Navy Seal, and he's glad to hear Republicans with a clear message.

"After what we've seen the last three years, too much government is not working and we're trying to give less government and more freedom.  That's a message anybody in America would like to hear," he thinks.

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