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Runoff Visits Begin
Thursday, 09 August 2012

August 9--  Republican voters in the 12th Congressional District go back to the polls August 21 in a runoff election expected to be between front-runner Lee Anderson, a Grovetown farmer and former state representative, and Augusta building contractor Rick Allen.  Anderson got about 34 percent of the vote in the July 31 primary and Allen pulled about 25 percent in the four-person field.

Augusta attorney Wright McLeod got just over 24 percent and is requesting a recount.

Allen paid a visit to Vidalia this week selling a platform of businessman versus  career politician.

"Lee is a career politician.  Take the T-SPLOST for example, it's the worst piece of legislation to come out of the state and it's probably going to be repealed because more than 80 percent of the Republican primary voters in the state voted against it.  That was one of those backroom deals those career politicians do and I have signed a pledge that I will never vote for a tax increase.  That's the big difference.  I'm a conservative businessman, I'm not a politician," Allen says.

According to Allen. voters need to send people to Washington who will reduce federal spending.

"We don't have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem.  We must attack spending and we must dismantle this government," he said.

He also promises to seek term limits if elected and to serve no more than eight years.

"In 1994, part of the Contract With America was term limits and guess what, it didn't happen.  That will be the first piece of legislation I will introduce when I get to Washington.  I'm for term limits of eight years in the House and 12 years in the Senate," he reports.

The candidate who got the least number of votes in the primary, Marie Sheffield, has endorsed Lee Anderson over Allen, however, Allen claims that's because he turned down her request to help her pay off a $50,000 campaign debt in return for her endorsement.  She was later quoted in the press as denying making the request.


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