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contactsHere you can find all the information you need to contact our staff whether you prefer phone or email.  Below is a list of all contact phone numbers as well as email links to all staff members. 

By Phone


OFFICE: 912-537-9203

FAX: 912-537-4477


WVOP: 912-537-9202  (News Talk)

WYUM: 912-538-1017  (Sweet Onion Country)

WTCQ: 538-9898  (Your Favorite 98Q)

By Email

org chartHere you can submit content specific information. 

Such information might include Public Service Announcements, Community Events, Church Events,  News Leads, Etc. Or you might would like to leave Feedback, request Site Technical Support, request to be listed in our Business Directory, request to receive our daily Georgia Clips, etc.

Using these options ensures that any information you submit or requests you make reach the intended personnel.


Local Businesses


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Other Requests

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