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Barrow Opposes Debt Ceiling Increase W/O Cuts
Monday, 23 May 2011

May 23--  Georgia Congressman John Barrow opposes increasing the federal government's debt ceiling without accompanying cuts in spending.

"I oppose the idea of a straight debt ceiling increase because we need to put conditions on there that will solve the problems which caused us to raise the debt ceiling in the first place.  We need comprehensive reform of all aspects of our federal budget.  We need to get everything under control," he says.

Congressman Barrow also believes some proposals radically changing the Medicare program go too far. "What's happening in Medicare is just a microcosm of what's happening in the health care industry generally.  There's over- utilization with people doing things they don't need to do to because they're not getting compensation for the things they need to do so they try to make it up in volume.  I certainly think Medicare is an area where we need to find a way for getting the healthcare problem in general under control.  What I don't support is saving Medicare from itself by destroying it or turning it into something that is completely different," he says.

The 12th District Democrat was in Vidalia addressing the Vidalia Rotary Club.

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