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Seventy-Seven Dogs Die in Lyons
Friday, 21 January 2011

January 21--  The killing of 77 dogs Thursday at the Lyons Animal Shelter is drawing fire from the Sweet Onion Animal Protection Society (SOAPS).

On top of that, Public Works Director Darel Corley says posting of the story on Facebook has resulted in complaints from as far away as Las Vegas.

Corley says the dogs were given lethal injections and buried after he had delayed any euthanizations since last July as he worked with SOAPS to get the dogs adopted.  He reports SOAPS saved 83 dogs from the shelter during that period, but he still had more dogs than the shelter could hold.

"I didn't have anywhere to put any dogs and Toombs County was calling that they didn't have anywhere to put dogs.  The only thing I could do was clear the pound out and start over because I was so overrun with dogs.  I tried to work this thing out and probably got myself in trouble by prolonging it so long. What I'm going to do from now on is at the end of every month, whatever dog they can place, they can place, and we'll go ahead and euthanize whatever's left and we'll go ahead and move to the next month," Corley said.

Therisa Ingley, the head of SOAPS, is shocked.  "Right now SOAPS is heartbroken that so many animals had to be euthanized.  We admit we don't have all the details, but we're concerned that so many were put down when some were scheduled for rescue the very next day.  We want to know the answer to that question.

"We're just here to do whatever we can to provide a better situation for the animals in Lyons.  We want to be here to be supportive to make sure that shelter is run appropriately and to help the city make that happen," Ingley says.

Meanwhile, SOAPS is filing a complaint with the Lyons Police Department regarding possible violations of city and state laws.



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