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The State's 2011 Budget Amendments
Monday, 17 January 2011

January 17--  State Senator Jack Hill of Reidsville discusses proposed amendments to the state's current budget.

"Gov. Deal in his "State of the State " address presented his proposed budget for the FY012 year and the same day released his Amended FY011 budget proposal as well.  We will look at the FY 2011 Amended Budget Request this week.


FY2011 Amended Budget


--Total Revenue--$16.5 billion in State General Fund and Motor Fuel revenues


--8.4% above FY010 actual revenues


--0.17% under original FY011 Revenue Estimate  


--Revenues now have sunk to 2005-2006 levels


--This budget is some 18% under the original FY09 proposed budget just two years ago



-  $83 Million for k-12 pupil growth

-  Reflects $321 million in Federal Education Jobs Funds (Hopefully provide a  cushion in FY2012.

-  Replaces Medicaid Match Funds (FMAP) no longer provided by federal government-$143.5 million

-  Adds $13.4 million for Behavioral Health as part of the settlement with the U.S. Dept. of Justice which includes:

                  $2.8 million for additional services for developmentally disabled adults at                          home

                  $10.6 million for community-based mental health services

-  $7.8 million to assist "deemed" Disproportionate Share hospitals for indigent care

-  $19.8 million in tobacco settlement funds for the OneGeorgia economic development fund

-  $31 million in additional lottery funds for enrollment growth





-  Reduces funds by approximately 4% across K-12 programs (QBE grows 1%)

- Reduces Regents formula by $102 million and does not replace federal stimulus funds of $23 million

-  "B" Budget reductions totaling $4.5 million

-  Reduces Technical College formula by $11.2 million

-  Reduces Public Health Grant in Aid by $2.5 million

-  Reduces Trauma Care Network Commission by $11.7 due to revised revenue estimate

-  Saves Dept. of Corrections $3.2 million by closing Metro State Prison

-  Dept. of Juvenile Justice saves $4.4 million due to cancelled contracts in Community Nonsecure Commitment program

-  $3.1million in savings due to hiring freeze in  DJJ


Overall the Governor reduced the FY2011 Amended Revenue Estimate by some $27.6 million due to a projected drop in fees to the state. This budget proposal includes cuts to state agencies totaling $303.6 million.


The Revenue Shortfall Reserve (rainy day fund) now stands at $116 million or approximately two days of state operations." 


Next week:     FY2012 Budget proposals



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