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Election Board Saves County Money
Tuesday, 21 December 2010

December 21--  The newly created Toombs County Board of Elections saved the county money in 2010 and has plans to save it even more.

The five-member board came into being in January of this year and, according to chairman Summy Pittman, changed the way elections were conducted to save money.

"In 2008 we had a really expensive election.  We had some expensive technicians who helped out with the election.  We replaced all of our tech support with our fulltime supervisor and saved about $60,000," he said.

In 2011, Pittman says the board has plans to recoup some of its expenses by conducting elections on a contract basis with the cities of Vidalia and Lyons.

"The cities will not have to have their own election officials and technicians.  They'll use the people the county has trained.  It will save them on training and it will help the county by using people who have already been trained in the off-year to work on city elections.  That will help offset some of the county election costs, too," Pittman notes.

The chairman also believes reducing the number of voting precincts will increase the efficiency of elections and further reduce costs.  

"We'll be looking at consolidating some of the smaller precincts.  It will save us from having to have people at the polls on election day and it will save the county from having to maintain some of the buildings which are in bad shape," he says.

In addition to Pittman, the election board includes Donny Mann, Cathy Milligan, Ann Powell and Troy Reddick. 

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