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Toombs Principals Reassigned
Friday, 29 October 2010

October 29--  Two school principals in the Toombs County School System have been reassigned due to what sources say are allegations of inappropriate relationships with subordinates or spouses of subordinates.

At a called meeting Tuesday night, the school board voted four to one to reassign Principal Tim Young from Lyons Primary School to the computer lab at Toombs Central Elementary School.  Board member Needum Rogers voted against the reassignment.

Two weeks earlier, the board reassigned Dr. Renee Stanley from the head job at Toombs Central Elementary to a pre-kindergarten teaching position at Lyons Primary.

As a matter of policy, school officials do not comment on internal personnel matters.  School Superintendent Dr. Kendall Brantley says the reassignments were made pending further investigation of the allegations and to allow due process to take place.

One of the citizens at Tuesday night's school board meeting objected to Young being reassigned to Toombs Central.  Dale Barwick says domestic disputes can lead to violence which could be a danger to his grandchild at the school.

"It is a concern.  Kendall Brantley said we're doing the best we can do to protect our kids.  No, you're not," Barwick says.  "Not when you put this man or this woman back in harm's way.  I could care less what they do, but we should not put these teachers back on school property because it could cause a situation that would hurt our kids," he believes.

An unintended consequence of the Young case is fallout from the appointment of Dr. Kim Corley to succeed Young at Lyons Primary.  Because she is now a school principal, her husband, Darel Corley, has withdrawn from Tuesday's school board election in District Three.  Under a new state law, school board members are prohibited from having members of their immediate families serve as principals in the same school system.

The new principal at Toombs Central is Tonawanda Irie, the former assistant principal at the school.




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