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Barrow Feels "Positive" About His Reelection
Monday, 25 October 2010

October 25--  The incumbent Democrat Congressman in Georgia's 12th Congressional District says he feels "positive" about his chances for re-election in the November 2nd general election.

Congressman John Barrow has reason to feel confident.  He has much more money to spend than his Republican opponent Ray McKinney and House minority leader John Boehner bypassed a visit to the 12th District when he was in Georgia last week even though Congressman Boehner's office did issue a statement supporting McKinney.

"It would me to be presumptious of me to say whether any outside interests have decided to help or not to help my opponent.  That's for them to decide.  What's most important to me is to represent the interests of my district both at home and in Washington.  If I do that, everything else should take care of itself," Barrow says.

Barrow has received endorsements from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers, the National Federation of Independent Businesses and the National Rifle Association.  "I'm proud of that," he says, 'but the endorsement which means the most to me is when I have someone come up to me at one of my town hall meetings and say this is the third or fourth visit you've made to our county in a year and we've never had a congressman do that before, that's what means the most to me," he notes.

Unlike fellow Blue Dog Democrat Jim Marshall who's running for re-election in the 8th District, Congressman Barrow is withholding a decision on whether he'll vote for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is she runs for the position again in January.

"My point is we don't know who'll be running and who'll be voting on the candidates who'll be running.  I've made no committments along that line and I never will until I know what the alternatives are.  I will continue to choose among the candidates who will do the best job representing the interests of our district," he said. 

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