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Barnes Has Credibilty Problem
Wednesday, 20 October 2010

October 20--  An Atlanta TV station has discovered the Roy Barnes campaign altered video footage it used in a campaign ad slamming Nathan Deal.  The Deal campaign released the following. 


"Days after RoyBarnes destroys his credibility with a false ad about the rape shield law, Roy Barnes digs the hole even deeper with revelations that his campaigns doctored the footage of Nathan Deal leaving the Temple after last week's debate.


WXIA examined the raw video and compared it to the footage in the ad. The ad clearly fabricates the scene, adding in voices from people who were not there. You can see the Channel 11 story here.  The story is written by a reporter who was actually on the scene that night and knew the footage was false.  The story quotes a former Georgia Democratic Party official who says the ad raises questions about Barnes' credibility.


"Roy Barnes has distorted the truth about Nathan Deal's record and now he's gone one step further by presenting his cinema piece as reality," said Deal for Governor spokesman Brian Robinson. "Roy Barnes has run nothing but dubious attack pieces since Aug. 11, and his poll numbers have never moved. He's desperate because Georgians have rejected his negative message. Now, even people who believe that Elvis lives, the world is flat, pro wrestling is real and the moon landing was fake couldn't trust anything Roy Barnes says about Nathan Deal."

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