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Soperton City Council Pay Change
Wednesday, 20 October 2010

October 20--  The Soperton city council is changing the way it pays its members and the mayor. 

At its meeting this week, the council voted to increase its pay from $50 per meeting to $200 per meeting and to increase the mayor's pay from $62.50 per meeting to $250 per meeting.

However, Soperton Mayor Reggie Evans says it's not really a pay raise because the council has been getting paid $200 a month all along. He says it routinely holds a called meeting every month and draws $150 dollars for the extra meeting.

"They were making $50 on the regular meeting, but what they had done was say all called meetings were $150, so they were making $200 a month.  All we've really done is to say we're just going to have one meeting for $200 a month, but now if you have a called meeting you're going to get another $200, but we aren't going to have those called meetings," the mayor says.

The change will take effect in January, 2012.  There's a city election in Soperton in November, 2011 for the mayor and two city council seats.

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