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Kingston Supports Deal for Governor
Wednesday, 13 October 2010

October 13--  For the second time in two weeks, Republican gubernatorial candidate Nathan Deal visited Toombs County Tuesday.

At a fundraiser in Lyons, Republican Congressman Jack Kingston announced his support for Deal and says he is comfortable with Deal's explanation of deficiencies in his campaign disclosure forms.

"I've known Nathan and Sandra for over 20 years and they are honest, ethical people.  Unfortunately, sometimes you get tangled up in the paperwork and I believe that is what happened.  I've talked to him personally and I'm comfortable that he has explained the situation," he said.

Kingston says Democrat candidate Roy Barnes is slinging mud at the same time  he has made millions of dollars in court trying cases before judges he appointed and is accepting campaign contributions for some of those same judges.

Deal, who continues to lead former Governor Barnes in statewide polls, told his supporters he believes voters are more interested in issues that impact their lives. 

"We try to talk about positive issues like job opportunities, how we are going to grow our job base in Georgia, how are we going to educate our children and I think those are the things people want to know.  Does a governor have a vision or does he simply want to throw mud?" Deal said.

Deal, whose parents were school teachers, would like to see the state relax the strings it places on money provided to local school districts.  "We have money which is put in what's call 'categorical grants' which can only be spent for those specified purposes.  I think in these hard economic times we should let school boards spend money where they see fit instead of the state telling them where they have to spend it," he said.


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