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BPC Pres Gives Background to Job Situation
Friday, 08 October 2010

October 8--  Brewton Parker College has released a memo from college president Dr. David Smith to faculty and staff at BPC regarding published reports he is on the short list for the president's job at Clarendon College in Texas.

To:                  Faculty and Staff, BPC

From:            David R. Smith, President

Date:              October 7, 2010

Subject:        News Regarding My Candidacy at Clarendon College


For the past 12 and a half years I have committed myself to service as president of Brewton-Parker College.  I’ve invested my skills, my energy, and just about everything that I can provide in the important and challenging enterprise of serving our students and making your lives as enriched as circumstances allow.


A few weeks ago my brothers, who farm and ranch in the northwest Texas region near Clarendon, notified me of the search at the local college for a new president.  Though I have never been employed by a public institution of higher learning, my brothers strongly encouraged me to consider allowing my name to be placed in candidacy for that post.  My brothers live about 40 miles from the college, and our son is approximately three hours away.  My wife Jackie and I have made every opportunity that has been extended to us in our careers a matter of prayer and discernment of God’s will.  Because of those reasons, and due to the fact that I am nearing sixty years of age, I felt that it would be advantageous to provide the information the search committee requested.


I was fairly certain—and still feel assured—that I am the least qualified of all their candidates for that position.  I’ve never been a part of such an institution.  My only real knowledge of their mission and programs exist through my familiarity with that region.  I was as surprised as anyone to see my name on their short list.  I only learned of my placement on Clarendon’s list of finalists a few days ago.  After prayer and discussion with my family, I made the decision to leave my name in contention for the post.


At the time I learned that my name was being considered more seriously, I provided information about the search at Clarendon to the chair of BPC’s Board of Trustees, Dr. Cliff Morris, and to a very small group of supporters of the College.  It was not my intention to create any sense of uncertainty because of this exercise.  I had hoped to be able to make a deliberative, responsible and spiritual decision based upon what I learned during the interview.


A BPC officer informed me early this morning that outside entities had begun spreading the knowledge of this information  shortly after the Clarendon newspaper published the story late Wednesday evening.


To each of you affiliated with Brewton-Parker College, I want you to know that I am as committed to BPC today as I ever have been.  I am working diligently and single-mindedly to remedy the difficult financial circumstances which we are currently experiencing.  I have attempted to focus throughout all of my presidency on critical issues that most impact the College.  We are presently working very hard to prepare for our forthcoming reaffirmation visit from the Southern Association’s Commission on Colleges.   Since moving to Georgia in 1998 I’ve returned to Texas to bury both of my parents, celebrate the college graduation of my children, and officiate the marriage ceremony of my daughter.  I’ve watched from a distance as members of my family and lifelong friends struggle with many of the issues we all confront in turbulent times.  Through all of this, I have remained committed to BPC and to you.  That has not changed.  Like you, when opportunities arise that may allow me the privilege of being nearer my family, I need to seriously consider them.


Until the Board of Trustees informs me that I am no longer their choice to serve as president of BPC, I plan to work for you and for them.  It will be my intention to inform you AFTER I inform BPC’s Board of Trustees regarding any intentions I may have in the near or distant future to conclude my tenure as president of BPC.  I want to assure you that any information regarding my decision will come from me, not from outside or distant sources. 


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