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Deal Visits Toombs Co
Monday, 27 September 2010

September 27--  Georgia Republican gubernatorial candidate Nathan Deal makes no apology for trying to help his daughter and son-in-law start a business which has gone bankrupt. 

Image  Nathan Deal is welcomed to Toombs County by local Tea Party member Abe Glaser.

Speaking at a Tea Party breakfast Saturday morning in Lyons, Deal says his persoal finances are the target of a negative campaign being run by his opponent Roy Barnes.

"The problem we had with finances was an effort to help one of our daughters and I think that is what any parent would do.  Fortunately, Sandra and I are in a financial situation to be able to take care of those obligations and we are doing that right now.  We are more than financially solvent and we still have very good net assets," he said.

"These are just days in which people will use anything to try and tarnish the reputation of another candidate.  Roy Barnes has done nothing but run negative ads since the primary was over.  We have not had any money to get on television until just recently, but our ads are positive.  We're talking about issues which are important to Georgia voters, education, jobs and the economy, and I think that's what they want to hear," Deal stated.

Deal says Georgia needs a Republican in the governor's office starting in January to avoid four years of vetos of confrontation between the executive and legislative brances of state government.

"The state cannot afford to go into a period of gridlock.  We're going to have a Republican House and Senate, and I think it's important to have Governor who can work cooperatively with them.  We have a great opportunity to rebound qjuickly from this recession, but it means we all have to be pulling in the same direction," he said.

Although a former congressman from North Georgia, Deal's roots are in south and middle Georgia.

"I was born down in Millen and my family lived in Screven County until I was about three.  We moved to Sandersville and Washington County and that's where I went to high school and went to Mercer University, both undergraduate and law school there.  My dad was a vocational-agricutlure teacher and I grew up in FFA and did what farm boys did in those days.  I grew crops and raised livestock and had a great time growing up.  My mother was a first grade teacher there in Sandersville and I understand the importance of public education and will do all I can to improve it," Deal promised.

Deal has grandchildren in a charter school in Hall County and believes such schools can help motivate students.

"Most of the charter schools have been within the context of the public school systems themselves where school boards decide they want to create charter schools.  They have been successful by getting outside of this one-size-fits-all mentality that we have.  I think the challege we have is to make sure children are engaged and interested in education instead of just having to do seat-time," Dead said.

Deal has done a survey of teachers and says most of 700 teachers who responded say they are tired of teaching to a test.  "They simply want to be allowed to teach.  If we do that and have reasonable accountability, we will have better results in the long term," Deal believes.

Republican State Senator Tommie Williams of Lyons introduced Deal and said, "When we think about what we want in an elected official, we want somebody we trust, somebody who is smart enough to do the job and we want somebody who cares about people, and that's Nathan Deal."

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