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UGA Budget Challenges
Thursday, 02 September 2010


Vidalia Rotary Club President Elaine Simpson and UGA President Dr. Michael Adams.  Dr. Adams addressed the club Wednesday.

September 2--  The financial picture at the University of Georgia is slightly better than it was this time last year, but there's still a way to go according to UGA President Dr. Michael Adams.

"The last 24 months has been the toughest time to make the numbers come together that I've experienced in 24 years as a college president.  I believe we've bottomed out.  The Board of Regents helped us out last year with a major tuition increase and we are slightly better off, but we're not through this economic downturn yet," he says.

Some members of the legislature criticized the University last year for paying high salaries, however, Dr. Adams defends the school's salary structure and says many faculty members could make more elsewhere.

"Our people are not overpaid relative to states around here, in fact, we've lost ground the past few years.  Whether you're an assistant professor or a university president, there are people all around us now who are making comparatively more money they we are.  I'm in Georgia because I love Georgia and I love the mission, and I think a lot of our people feel that way, but you can only take that so far.  To keep top-ranked scientists, you've got to pay competitive wages and the more highly specialized a person is, the more you're going to have to pay, and that's just a reality of the market," Dr. Adams states.

Despite the economy, Dr. Adams reports last year was a good one for alumni giving, especially among more recent graduates. 

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