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HOPE Standards Need Relook, Adams Says
Wednesday, 01 September 2010

September 2--  Officials says 97 percent of the freshmen enrolled in the University of Georgia are on lottery-funded HOPE scholarships. 

University President Michael Adams suggests some of those students aren't really ready to attend a four-year university and that adjustments could help the state make better use of available funds.

"There's no doubt that there are going to have to be some adjustments to the program.  My view is that we need to protect the core tuition element at all costs, and then we need to ask some hard questions like is a "B" and "B", is this student that we are supporting with taxpayer dollars really qualified to go to college, and are we making the most efficient use of this money that we can.  I think in discussions with the legislative leadership, we will come to some workable solution," Adams says.

Adams spoke to the Vidalia Rotary Club Wednesday and complimented the region of creation of the Southeast Early College and Career Academy which is designed to keep students in high school and prepare them for jobs.

"There are two things that impress me about that.  First of all, that all of these entities are working together.  That says a lot about the people who have led this charge.  Secondly, I think this whole career academy concept is very important to the development of this state.  It meets the needs of a particular type of young people that frankly we (the University) don't need, so we need it all," he believes.

Dr. Adams reports that 85% of this year's freshman class at Georgia are from in-state, and he credits some of the high schools in the state for helping students meet the University's standards.

"At least about 40% of the high schools in the state are doing a good job in providing us young people who can compete with young people anywhere.  We feel like one of our major goals is to keep the best minds in Georgia in Georgia.  We don't want these top kids going to Duke or Vanderbilt or, heaven forbid, Georgia Tech," he said.

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