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Pets Finding Homes
Tuesday, 17 August 2010

August 17--  The Vidalia Animal Shelter, which has been cited by the state for overcrowding, is making progress in finding homes for its dogs and cats.

April Braddy, who along with Vance Davis runs the city shelter, says there has been significant progress.

"Our population was around 140 to 150 dogs.  We have now knocked it down to 81, but we still have plenty of dogs who need homes.  We have big ones, little ones, short ones, tall ones, we have the perfect dog for everyone," she reports.

The Sweet Onion Animal Protection Society (SOAPS) has been busy helping the Vidalia shelter and other shelters in the area find homes for their animals.

Therisa Ingley and Holly Reynolds with SOAPS transported over a dozen pets to the Atlanta Humane Society Monday, and Holly works the Internet making contacts with animal rescue groups all over the country to save animals from being killed.

"We've had contacts with groups in New Jersey, Virginia and anywhere that can help us.  We've had several Labs go to a Rescue in Atlanta and a dog we pulled from the shelter in Lyons is going to a Rescue up in New Jersey," she says.

"It's been stressful but we have been able to move a lot of animals out of here this year and it seems like every month it's more and more.  I think in July we had 71 animals that we transferred to rescue groups out of this area, and that is huge," Holly says.

The adoption fee at the Vidalia shelter is reduced to 20 dollars in August and SOAPS pays a hundred dollars toward spaying and neutering. 

April Braddy says it's fun to watch people find the "just the right pet. They'll walk around and look at all the dogs.  They make two or three passes by and they'll just stop and say 'That's the one, that's my dog,' so it just works out in the end."

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