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Barrow Responds to McKinney
Friday, 13 August 2010

August 13--  Congressional candidate Ray McKinney of Lyons issued a press release Friday criticizing Congressman John Barrow for his vote in favor of more stimulus funds for states.

Congressman Barrow's office issued the following response.

“This bill keeps states like Georgia from having to fire teachers, police, and firefighters.  Investing in education is an investment in our long term economic security.  And investing in police and firefighters keeps us safe right now.  The bill is fully paid for, and it’s the right thing to do, right now.”

Here's the press release from the McKinney campaign.

— Fresh off his landslide runoff election victory for the 12th District Republican congressional nomination, Ray McKinney is focusing on incumbent Democrat John Barrow’s recent votes for $56 billion in new spending and $22 billion in energy taxes. 

 “To put it bluntly, these votes kill jobs, increase energy costs to consumers, and impose new debt obligations on our children and grandchildren,” said McKinney. “Barrow had already voted for $1.7 trillion in new spending, and people keep asking ‘Where are the jobs?’ The answer is we won’t have any new jobs until the voters fire John Barrow and Nancy Pelosi.”

On Tuesday, Barrow voted with the Democrat majority for an emergency $26 billion spending bill quickly signed into law by President Obama later in the day.

 “This new law is supposed to stop states from having to lay off teachers and policemen,” said McKinney.  “This is nothing more than a bailout bill for public employee unions and irresponsible state governments awash in red ink. It kills jobs and rewards bad behavior. Everywhere I go, people are telling me they want a stop to the bailouts and a stop to skyrocketing spending. John Barrow is thumbing his nose at the people of the 12th District.” 

McKinney also criticized Barrow for helping pass H.R. 3534, the CLEAR Act, just before going home for the August recess. The new law includes a $22 Billion tax on American energy and $30 billion in mandatory spending unrelated to the oil spill.

“It also imposes what is in effect a moratorium on offshore oil and gas exploration by adding layers of bureaucracy and extending the application process indefinitely,” said McKinney. “Democrats claim this was a necessary response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, but this misguided legislation actually kills jobs, increases energy costs, and sets up an earmarks slush fund.”

McKinney continued:  “Barrow continues to vote against the taxpayers and energy consumers of the 12th District. Voters can bring this kind of misrepresentation to a stop by electing a new congressman in November who will vote to replace Nancy Pelosi in January. I’m ready to get the job done.” 


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