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Toombs Tax Rate Unchanged
Thursday, 29 July 2010

July 29--  Property tax rates in Toombs County will remain the same for the 2010 tax year.

At a called meeting Thursday, Toombs Commissioners approved a tax millage rate of 9.6 mils for county operations, a one mill levy for the Toombs County Development Authority, and ratified the county school board's tax rate of 11.5 mils.

The Toombs County tax digest went down a little more than $15 million this year and that will decrease the county's expected revenue by about 2%.  The county projects property tax revenue of nearly $5.6 million in 2010.

According to Commission Chairman Buddy West, "Everything is tight and we continue to look at finances on a daily basis," he says.  West says the county is in better financial shape this year and officials hope to have enough cash flow to avoid taking out a loan in the Fall to meet 4th Quarter expenses.

Meanwhile, the Toombs County school board reports the decrease in the county tax digest will cost the school system about $110,000 in lost property tax revenue.  

School Superintendent Dr. Kendall Brantley says instead of raising local school taxes, the school system will deplete most of its $1.8 million dollar reserve fund in the coming year.

At a called meeting Thursday night, board member Duane Tomlin warned to get ready for a staff cut or a raise in taxes next year in the event of more state funding shortfalls to local systems. 

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