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Roy Barnes Visits Vidalia
Monday, 26 July 2010

July 26--Former Governor and current Democratic candidate for Governor Roy Barnes visited Vidalia to thank his supporters for his victory in the recent Democratic primary and also to ask for their continued support in the upcoming general election in November.  

 Active ImageBarnes was able to avoid a runoff in the primary by gaining 65% of the vote despite there being 6 other candidates.  Barnes seemed surprised that he won without a runoff.  “I never expected to win that decisively.  I thought I’d have a runoff.”  He stated “We had a good message.  What we tried to do is to talk about issues rather than personalities.  I think people are ready for that.”

 Barnes stated that the way to stop more teacher furloughs and decrease class sizes was to prioritize better and evaluate special interest tax breaks.  “Is education and direct instruction in the classroom the number one priority?” Barnes said.  “We look at these special interest tax breaks that the lobbyist have passed the last few years, and we make sure that they are creating jobs, and if they aren’t, we do away with them.”

 Barnes also thinks that there are several things that can be done to increase jobs in the state.  “We have to restore the confidence that the business community has in this state, particularly from out of state if we are going to draw jobs here,”  He added, “We have to integrate our technical colleges into our high schools so that there is a skills track that can produce high skill workers for the jobs that we bring here.”  He went on to say, “In closing deals for economic development over the years, the first thing that any company asks about is your education level and what kind of workers am I going to have.”



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