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July 24--The 2nd Annual prayer gathering supporting the 2014 2015 school year is Thursday, July 24th at 8AM at the Vidalia Recreation Department.  Sponsored by the Women's Thursday Interdenominational Bible Study Group. 
July -25--Central True Vine Holiness Church, 2479 Bear Creek Road in Ailey, is having the 51st Pastoral Anniversary for Bishop Annians Phillips & Mother Lillie Mae Phillips through the 25th at 7:30 each night.  Speaker include Bishop Arthur Lee Belcher, Elder Winton Phillips Sr, Rev. Isaiah Stephens. 
July 25, 26--Calvary Way Church, Hwy 292 in Lyons across from Fred's Store, is hosting an All Day Preacher's Caravan, Friday, July 25 at 7PM.  And, Saturday the 26th all day from 9AM to 6.  Speakers include Prophetess Cynthia & Elder Nathaniel Joyce of Women of Worth Ministries, Minister Christopher R. Brooks of Empowering Hour Ministries, Apostle James & Prophetess Andera Slaughter. Pastor, Elmer Caraway. 

July 26–-St. Matthew Methodist Baptist Church, 608 Martin Luther King Drive in Mt. Vernon, invites you to their Annual "Youth Explosion", July 26th at 5PM. The guest speaker is Minister Tyrone Howard.  Music from "Anointed Voices" of McRae.  Pastor, Rev. Daniel Johnson.
July 27--Mt Vernon United Methodist Church is celebrating their 8th Annual Homecoming, Sunday, July 27th at 11AM.  The guest speaker is their former pastor Dr. Nita Crump.  Special music and a covered dish lunch follows.
July 27--Evergreen True Vine Holiness Church, 506 Peachtree Street in Vidalia, invites you to Special Services, Sunday, July 27th at 3PM with speaker Dr. Grover Flagg.  Men are asked to wear black and ladies white with black.  A buffet feast follows.

July 27--Peaceful Zion Missionary Baptist Church, 357 Washington Street in Mt. Vernon, is hosting the "50 Men & 50 Women in African Attire" Program, July 27 at 4PM.  You're invited come dressed in your African attire or just your church attire.  Sponsored by the Pastor's Aid Ministry.  Pastor, Dr. F. Lee Carter.
July 27-30--Fairview Baptist Church, US #1 North in Lyons, is having Vacation Bible School, July 27th through the 30th each night from 6 to 8PM. Supper served.  Open to aged 4 to 12yrs. 
July 28-August 1,3--Elder Julian V. Holland & the Holy Ghost Assembly Church Family invites you to their 42nd Annual General Assembly, Monday, July 28th through Friday, August 1st at 7:30 each night.  And, Sunday, August 3rd at 3PM.  Different speakers each night.  Pastor, Elder Julian V. Holland.
July 28-August 1--Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, 1855 Sawmill Road in Ailey, is having their Annual Revival Services, Monday, July 28th through Friday, August 1st at 7:30 each night with visiting churches and choirs.  The Revivalist is Rev. Horace Austin Jr of New Vision Baptist in Dudley. 

July 30-31--Grant Chapel C.M.E. Church, M.L.K. Avenue, is having their Annual Back-to-School Youth Revival, Wednesday, July 30th through Thursday the 31st at 7:30 each night.  The guest speaker is Rev. Craig Snead of First Baptist in Mt. Vernon. School supplies & refreshments will be given out. Pastor, Rev. Melvin Moring.

August 2--Harvest Time Faith Center Church, 506 First Avenue in Vidalia, is Hosting the "2014 Back-to-School Fest", Saturday, August 2nd from 10AM to 12.  The guest speaker is Vidalia native Mrs. Marylin Blakley of the National Congress of Black Women.  Theme: "Inspire, Challenge, and Equip:  Valuing Education in the 21st Century."  Free school supplies distributed.

August 3--Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, 1855 Sawmill Road in Ailey, invites you to Homecoming, Sunday, August 3rd at 11:30.  Bringing the message is Bishop A. Tim Chatman.  Dinner served. 

August 3--First African Baptist Church, 702 North Railroad Avenue in Mt. Vernon, is Celebrating their Annual Homecoming Program, Sunday, August 3rd at 3PM. In charge of the services is Rev. Jamie Pittman & St. Luke Baptist in Dexter. Pastor, Craig Snead.  
August 3-8--Cedar Crossing Baptist Church invites you to a Community Revival, Sunday, August 3rd at 6PM.  And Monday, August 4rd through Friday the 8th at 7PM each night.  Speakers include Chad Watkins, Reece Mincey, Steven Toole, Billy Bratton, Melvin Kramer, Gilbert Wommack. 

August 4-6--First African Baptist Church, 702 North Railroad Avenue in Mt. Vernon, invites you to their Annual Revival, August 4th through the 6th at 7:30 each night.  The revivalist is Rev. Arthur Gordon of Macon.  Come help lift up the name of Jesus.  Pastor, Craig Snead.

August 6--The Tabernacle Baptist Youth Department invites all youth to "A Night made just for You!", August 6th from 6 to 8:30 PM at the new Vidalia Amphitheater. Games, Food, Music, Giveaways!  "What Sins are you chained to?  It's time to remove those chains, and become unchained for Christ!"  

August 17--Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church, 5715 Georgia Highway 178 East in Lyons New Branch Community, invites you to their Women Day Program, Sunday, August 17th at 3PM.  The speaker is Rev. Brenda Brown of St Luke AME in Lyons.  Pastor, Roy L. Summersett.


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