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Williams Endorses Johnson for Gov
Wednesday, 14 July 2010

July 14--  The President ProTem of the Georgia Senate is endorsing Eric Johnson of Savannah in the Georgia Governor's race.  Senator Tommie Williams made his endorsement in his "The People's Business" column.


"Twelve years ago I was elected to the Senate by the good people of the 6th district. My district is now the 19th district due to some awful gerrymandering done by Roy Barnes and company.  If anyone is considering re-electing Roy they should look at those old maps that he used to disrespect the people of Georgia and the whole institution of representative government.


 Like most legislators that live a long distance away from Atlanta and the capital, I have had to rent an apartment when the legislature is in session.  Eric Johnson was kind enough to take me as a green Senator from south Georgia on as a roommate and trained me in the art of being an effective legislator. Eric moved quickly up the leadership ladder due to his skill and tenacity in fighting for the conservative principles.  I know he will take those same skills and principles to the Governor’s office.


During every election cycle, constituents ask me who they should vote for. I tell them what I know about the candidates since I have worked closely with most of the candidates on the ballot. This year is an exception in that many of the candidates have not been in the legislature.  Having lived with Eric Johnson and serving with him in the General Assembly for the last 12 years, I think I know him well enough to say that he is far and away the most capable candidate for Governor.


Like Paul Coverdale, Eric is a worker. While he served as the minority leader of the Republican caucus he was successful in standing up for conservative principles. While many take credit for the republican take over, it was Eric Johnson that led the Senate in defeating Roy Barnes and company and giving Georgia a two party system. It was Eric that led the Senate challenge in Federal Court to change the horrible gerrymandered maps that were forced upon georgians by Roy Barnes and the Democrats.


 Eric Johnson has lived up to his legislative promises. Just to name a few of the conservative legislation passed while Eric Johnson was leading the Senate:

 Tort Reform.

 This was important legislation that curbed frivolous lawsuits and has helped particularly rural areas of the state recruit and keep good doctors.   

Protecting the Life of the Unborn.

 He helped lead the fight to pass the woman’s right to know act.

Ethics Reforms

Introduced legislation to ensure legislators who failed to pay their own taxes were held accountable to the public.

Tax Cuts

Eric was a leader in passing some of the largest tax cuts in Georgia history.

Cutting Wasteful Spending

Due in part to Eric’s leadership in the senate, Georgia has the lowest debt per capita of any state in the country.  He helped reform our budget process to bring transparency and accountability to the budget.

Fair Redistricting Maps

Eric fought for fair districts that respected the people of Georgia and representative government


Helped to pass some of the strongest immigration enforcement laws in the country and has promised to protect the tax payers of Georgia in the same way that Arizona has done once he is Governor.  

Property Rights

Eric fought to strengthen and protect the rights of property owners by restricting government powers of eminent domain.


 While other gubernatorial candidates will talk about what they will do, Eric is the only Republican candidate that can talk about what he or she has done.

Eric Johnson keeps his promises. During Eric Johnson's entire political career Eric has remained faithful to his wife and family. As Governors across this country have embarrassed their citizens, it is important to hire someone that understands the importance of public trust, and Eric Johnson is just the guy for the job.


 The Governor of Georgia has tremendous power and influence within the Georgia constitution and in statute. Eric is the only candidate with the character, wisdom and experience to be entrusted with so much power.  This is an important election and I urge you to vote for Eric Johnson for Governor.

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