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Horner's Run for Congress
Tuesday, 06 July 2010

July 6--  At age 68, Mike Horner of Savannah is the oldest candidate running for Georgia's 12th congressional seat.  He's a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel who moved to Savannah nine years ago to work as an investment banker.

He says the country's move toward socialism prompted him to run in the July 20th Republican primary election.

"I am a Reagan-style conservative and believe a return to strict conservative principles will benefit all of the citizens of the 12th Congressional District. We have lost over eight million jobs since John Barrow and the Democrats took over Congress in 2006.  More importantly, our so-called representatives have stood silently as our country has rapidly marched toward socialism and government control of every aspect of our lives," he says.

At the Tea Party congressional debate in Vidalia, Horner was asked by Democrat candidate Regina Thomas if he thought the U.S. can win in Afghanistan and Iraq.

"I believe the war in Iraq has basically been won and we are drawing down.  In Afghanistan, I personally do not like the rules of engagement.  They are tying our men and womens' hands behind their back and they are getting killed because of it.  Hopefully, General Petraeus will go over there and change these stupid rules.  If he does, I think we can stabilize the country and neutralize the Taliban and Alqueda," Horner says.

Horner's three opponents in the Republican primary are Ray McKinney of Lyons, Carl Smith of Thunderbolt and Jeanne Seaver of Savannah.

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