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Larger Classes Approved
Monday, 24 May 2010
May 24-- The State Board of Education (SBOE) today granted an exemption of all statutory and regulatory class size maximums for the
2010-2011 school year.  Due to the continued economic downturn that has caused declines in state and local revenue, the SBOE recognized the need to give school districts more flexibility.

Local school districts will be required to submit a local board resolution to the Georgia Department of Education before class size maximums may exceed the current requirements.  The board resolution must be approved at a local board meeting to ensure that all stakeholders are informed about the school district's decision regarding increases in class size.

"School districts have been financially devastated by the economy so the State Board took action to help districts balance their budgets," said SBOE Chair Wanda Barrs. "Increasing class size is never ideal, but a slight increase will allow systems to significantly conserve resources while managing through these difficult times."

The exemption of class size maximums does not remove the requirement for school districts to continue to meet all federal and state accountability measures as well as health and safety requirements.

"Accountability is here to stay, which is a good thing," said State School Superintendent Kathy Cox. "The requirements under No Child Left Behind and the varying instructional needs of students should still be at the forefront when local districts are making decisions about their class sizes."
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