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Johnson Visits Vidalia
Tuesday, 06 April 2010

April 6--  One of the seven Republicans running to succeed Governor Sonny Perdue made a campaign stop in Vidalia Tuesday.

State Senator Eric Johnson of Savannah explained his stance on giving Georgia parents a $5,000 voucher for each of their children to attend their school of choice, something he admits is not popular among many public school educators.

"Part of what I was trying to do today is to make sure people understand that voucher is not a bad word, even though Medicaid is a voucher, food stamps are a voucher, HOPE scholarships are a voucher, so voucher's are not bad.  When I tell teachers class sizes go down, there's more money for children who are left in the school system plus the free market will drive up teachers' salaries, I get nods from their heads," he says.

Johnson says public education is top heavy with administrators in Washington, Atlanta and at the local level. "We need to move funds from the bureaucracy to the classroom," he says.

Johnson admits his name recognition may not be as high as some other candidates in this early stage of the campaign, but says TV ads he's launching this week will help.  He's been endorsed by Senator Tommie Williams of Lyons and Congressman Jack Kingston of Savannah.  

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