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Barrow Will Vote "No" on Healthcare
Saturday, 20 March 2010

March 20--  Twelfth District Congressman John Barrow announces he will vote no when the Democrat healthcare bill is voted on in Congress.

In a statement released Friday, Barrow noted he favors reform of healthcare but doesn't believe the Obama bill is the way to do it.

“I am strongly in favor of reforming the health care system, but I don’t think this bill is going to do it, and therefore I can’t support it.  It puts too much of the burden of paying for it on working folks who are already being overcharged, and that’s not fair.  It threatens to overwhelm Medicaid in Georgia, and that's not right.  And it barely touches the insurance companies, and that's not smart.  We can do better and I’m ready to start.”

The congressman's office has been beseiged by phone calls from both sides regarding the bill, and Governor Sonny Perdue asked him to vote against it.  The Governor said the state cannot afford the estimated $1 billion in additional Medicaid costs.

A Barrow supporter told the Savannah Morning News Barrow decided to vote no because that reflects the majority view in the 12th District.  The congressman is expected to face re-election opposition in both the Democrat primary this Summer and in the November general election.

A University of Georgia political science professor also told the paper he thinks House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will give Barrow "a pass" on his no vote because she's already calculated that she has enough yes votes to pass the bill.

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