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Students Learn About The Holocaust
Tuesday, 16 March 2010

March 16-- A 14-year-old student at J.R. Trippe Middle School wanted his fellow students to learn the lessons of the Holocaust.  Logan Lawrence kept calling the Georgia Commission on the Holocaust until he got it's director, Sylvia Wygoda, to make a presentation at the school.

"A lot of people really don't know about the Holocaust.  It's something we need to know so we can prevent it if something like this were to happen in the future," Logan says.

Sylvia Wygoda's father was the only member of his family not to die in the German concentration camp at Treblinka, Poland. She told the students about his heroism leading Italian partisans to free the town of Sovano from the German Army.

"That's why we have a Holocaust Commission in Georgia, to make the lessons of the Holocaust relevant today," she says.

According to Wygoda, she wants students to learn the character traits of good citizenship.  She believes if fewer Germans had been bystanders and if more had been involved as citizens, the Holocaust could never have happened.

Wygoda gave a copy of her father's wartime diary to the J.R. Trippe library in the hope that students will read and learn from it. 

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