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Teen Inspires Tea Party
Wednesday, 03 March 2010

March 3--  Eighty people showed up for the March meeting of the Vidalia area Tea Party group Tuesday night and we're awed by a teenager 's presentation on the current recession and how we got here.

Sixteen-year-old Savannah Liston is from a family of seven kids in Rockford, Illinois about two hours west of Chicago.  Her dad is a deputy sheriff and her Mom homeschools their children.

Savannah came through Vidalia after a weekend conference of the Mises Institute at Jekyll Island where the keynote speaker was former presidential candidate Ron Paul.  His campaign inspired Savannah to get involved in public life.  "I've done a lot of studying, I've attended two Tea Parties, I hosted a Freedom Rally last year, I attended a protest in downtown Chicago for auditing the Federal Reserve, I hosted and organized a booth at our county fair, and I went to gun shows and lots of miscellaneous events like that," she reports.

Savannah admits she may be an anomaly due to her age, but observes, "I think it's unusal for people this young to be involved, but I think as younger people start getting out into the real world and start earning money, they are going to be directly influenced by what's happening in Washington and that's when they are going to get involved.  When it hurts them personally and effects them directly, that's when they are going to get involved, and, hopefully, that is going to come soon."

The young lady believes the Tea Party movement is about personal liberty.  "I think we have to really stay focused  on our message for liberty and not compromise on issues.  I believe in a non-interventionist foreign policy and it's sometimes hard for people to deal with that, and also the Federal Reserve and things that are a little bit radical for a lot of people, but we need to accept it because that is liberty and my goal is to give everyone as much liberty as we possibly can," she states.

You can hear Ron Paul's address this weekend at Jekyll Island by going to www.mises.org.  

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