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Monday, 25 January 2010

January 25--  They say everyone has a story to tell, but most of us never get around to telling it.  However, sometimes, something happens and we decide it's now or never.

"I wrote several little old pieces for a church paper and some of the church folks just keep after me that I should write a book.  After I had open heart surgery in March of last year, I came home and said if it's ever going to happen, I better get started," says Archie Morgan.

Morgan is 81 years old and has spent most of his life farming and preaching in and around Toombs County.  He's been ministering at small churches in the area for more than half a century and has hosted a Sunday morning radio program on WVOP in Vidalia for years.

His book is called "On Eagles Wings" and it's a story about, not only Brother Archie's life, but about the events he's observed during his lifetime.  "My message is let's soar.  Somebody told a story about a baby eagle who got caught up in a barnyard and was growing with the chickens and the turkeys and whatever.  One day he looked up and saw a big eagle flying over and he decided the barnyard's not for me.  The message is you can't soar with eagles if you run with turkeys."

So far, he's getting very good reaction to the stories in his book.  "I've had some people who've read the book already and told me they'd laugh and there's stories where they would cry, and that's the way I wanted it," he said.

The book is available in this area at the Cross Connections book store on Highway 280 between Vidalia and Lyons.


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