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Toombs Wishes Montgomery Well with E911
Friday, 22 January 2010

January 25--  Toombs County has apparently read the writing on the wall and is wishing Montgomery County well in the expected split-up of E911 operations between the two counties.

Last week Montgomery County commissioners all but decided to set up their own E911 center as opposed to paying more money to the Toombs County E911 which currently serves both counties.

Friday Toombs County manager Doug Eaves issued a statement estimating Toombs County has paid over $118,000 in E911 costs during the past four years which should have been paid by Montgomery County.  He said Toombs could no longer continue to subsidize Montgomery County's share of the E911 costs.  

Eaves also reacted to concerns expressed by Montgomery County regarding problems with communications between E911 and volunteer fire chiefs in Montgomery County.  He said Toombs and Montgomery have had three extensive discussions about E911 since last April and problems with the service were never mentioned.

On another topic, bad road conditions in Toombs County due to heavy rains, Eaves is asking citizens to continue calling his office about roads so crews can be directed to the worst problems.  He admits not much work can be done until the roads dry out, but says a fourth motor grader crew has been added to help with the washouts and ditch maintenance.

A copy of Mr. Eaves memo to us is below.


  E-911: Since the inception of a Joint E-911  with Toombs and Montgomery County, Toombs County has been paying all of the cost for the E-911 services not covered by the telephone fees. Over a four year period of time since 2006, Toombs County and our Taxpayers have had to supplement the telephone fees used to support E-911 services with $475,785 of tax dollars. If Montgomery County had been paying their fair and proportional share that would have saved our taxpayers over $118,000, almost a quarter mill of taxes. We could no longer continue to subsidize Montgomery County. We only asked them to pay their fair share. We wish them well in their efforts. They are doing what they feel is in the best interest of Montgomery County just as we are doing what is in the best interest of Toombs County. I want to make a point however of supporting the work and efforts of our E-911 operations and staff. They are true professionals that handle trying situations in a courteous and competent manner. We have had three extensive conversations with Montgomery County about E-911 services since last April. They have never once mentioned an issue or a problem with the service. To do so publicly and without any specificity is just not the way to resolve issues.

2.       Roads: We realize that since last September we have had one of the wettest Falls in over fifty years. Our Road Department has made a tremendous effort to fix and maintain the over 520 miles  of County Roads, 360 miles of those are unpaved roads. We understand the problems these road conditions cause for our citizens and we are all in this together . When a road gets saturated and the ditches are full of wet mud we are limited in our capacity to repair this road until it dries out. We want to assure all of our citizens that the road department is doing everything they can to get all of our roads in a safe and passable condition. Please continue to call with issues. Your information helps us direct the road department to the real problem areas. We have changed our method of operations to address the wet weather. We have added a fourth motor grader crew. We have also changed from a four ten-hour day schedule to a five eight-hour schedule. These changes helps with the lost rain days and with ditch maintenance.



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