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Parade-Goer Laments Horses' Condition
Monday, 07 December 2009

December 7--  Vidalia animal lover Pam Waits says she just had to vent after seeing the horses pictured below in the Vidalia Christmas Parade.


Pam writes, "Animals in their natural state are a beautiful creation, a gift from God for our enjoyment. Those who wish to say they 'own' animals should care for them properly and be vigilant in their health and wellbeing.
"I am referring to the poor beasts that graced our Christmas Parade Saturday morning December 5, 2009. Clydesdales are to be revered, they are hard working and very loving creatures. The fact that this business would bring these abused animals into public is a travesty. This is obviously the same business that was used last year for the Downtown Extravaganza where the stinch was unbearable.
"Why they were hired again is unbelieveable, and why this person still has possession of these animals is even more puzzling.(Since they obviously haven't been washed since this time last year!).
"Buy a book or watch a video about animal care...wash them, brush them, they need hoof care and probably dental care! and can somebody please tell that redneck about poo-bags??"



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