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PAYH Part 4 "Peer Pressure and Drugs"
Wednesday, 25 November 2009

November 27--  Parents need to keep up with the people with whom their kids hang around.

Drew Read of the Paul Anderson Youth Home in Vidalia believes parents who don't do that are creating a recipe for disaster with their children.

"When parents are less invested with their time for their children, there's a vacuum, a void.  And when's there's an absence of relationship, there will be a vacuum and something will fill that void, be it drugs, be it peer pressure," he says.

A 20-year-old resident of the PAYH tells us the void led him to drugs at an early age.  "When I was eleven years old, I started using marijuana.  You know how they say weed is a gateway drug, well for me it was like a floodgate opened.  At fifteen I started stealing and selling guns and cocaine and by the age of sixteen and seventeen I was using cocaine and Esctasy," he recalls.

He's now about to graduate from the Paul Harris Youth Home and vows not to make the same mistakes his parents did.  "I think environment has a lot to do with how you act and how you live your life.  The advice I would give to parents is to regulate who your kids hang out with.  I know I hated it and I rebelled a lot against it, but my life would be a lot different today if my parents had done that.  If lay down with dogs, you get fleas, and that is true," he says.

In our next report, divorce and kids.

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