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PAYH Part 3 "The Technology Trap"
Wednesday, 25 November 2009

November 26--  Parents need to control how their kids use technology.

"What we're seeing now in technology is that parents really don't get how far and how fast technology is moving," according to Drew Read at the Paul Anderson Youth Home in Vidalia.

"Technology is far more challenging that it ever was. We're well beyond television at this point.  The concerns of television and knowing what your children are watching changed from knowing what you children are doing on the Internet, and we're well beyond that now.  We've moved from the television screen to the computer screen to the telephone screen," Read notes.

An 18-year-old resident of the PAYH says he used video games to escape from tensions in his home.  "It got to a point where when I was younger if me and my Mom and me and my Stepdad didn't get along, I went to my room, closed the door and went back to playing video games.  In there, I could think like I wanted to think.  Sometimes, it got to a point where I went to the computer or got on the phone and just thought about how much I didn't like my parents," he remembers.

Read says this situation is not atypical.  "So we all go to our own spaces, we don't interact and we begin to build our own little room in our own little world. So now we're creating our own vitual world which is devoid of any interaction with parents," he says.

In our next report, parents misconceptions about drug use.

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