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PAYH Part 2 "Time is Love"
Tuesday, 24 November 2009

November 25--  In today's world, it's harder than ever for parents to raise their kids. 

"There aren't any ABC steps that every parent can take to make sure your kids will turn out perfect, you aren't baking a cookie, but what you are trying to do is to shape a young boy or a girl into a man or a lady," says Drew Read at the Paul Anderson Youth Home in Vidalia.

According to Read, one of the most important things parents can do is make time to spend time with their kids.

"The time that I have with my children is a key thing.  That's how children spell love.  It's a cliche, but they spell love 't-i-m-e.'  So, the first step for a parent is to say the time I would devote to myself, I'm going to give to my children," Read believes.

One of the residents at Paul Anderson confirms Read's assertion.  "Before I came to the Youth Home, I really didn't communicate with my parents very well. I was in and out of the house and didn't spend time with them.  During my childhood I just wasn't intact with my parents emotionally or with time and I just pretty much was selfish in doing what I wanted to do," he says.

And he continues by noting that the time he did spend with his father set a bad example for him to follow.

"If we did spend time together, it was in negative things.  We'd go gamble or he let me drink.  So, I took after my Dad and he influenced me big time," he said.

"I watched my parents and what they did.  I saw my Dad was in and out, too.  I kind of caught on to that and I thought maybe I'm not supposed to be here, so I'd just go back out and do what I wanted to do," he remembers. 

In our next report, technology and today's generation.

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