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Where Did the Money Go?
Monday, 23 November 2009

November 23--  The following news release is from the office of Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina. 

"Congressman Joe Wilson stood outside of Columbia sign manufacturer Colite, Inc today to talk about South Carolina’s unemployment problems caused by unaccountable and irresponsible Washington spending.

While out-of-touch Washington liberals continue their extreme spending spree, Americans are feeling the pain.  South Carolina's unemployment level has tied an all-time high and the national unemployment rate is the highest it’s been in a generation. Wilson put South Carolina’s economic woes squarely on Washington’s shoulders, a trend he describes as “unaccountable, unacceptable and deeply troubling.”

“I opposed this massive expansion of government because it will put future generations of American taxpayers in debt.  Now we’re seeing the extreme spending come with a complete lack of accountability. Washington has no idea where all the money is going.”

Wilson noted a recent report unveiled by the Obama Administration at www.recovery.gov showing a string of FAKE jobs created in FAKE South Carolina congressional districts. The website reports spending $40 million to create 155 jobs in South Carolina’s 16th, 43rd, 45th, 32nd, 00 and 12th districts. South Carolina only has 6 congressional districts.

The report also showed $1.8 million being spent for 1.4 jobs in district 00 and $3 million couldn’t even produce a single job in South Carolina’s imaginary 43rd congressional district. After several days of inconsistent reports, the Administration still hasn’t explained where the money is really being spent, prompting Congressman Wilson to demand an audit of all stimulus funds.

Congressman Wilson presented a poster of 5,144 taxpayers who stand with him in his demand for an audit, which can be viewed at www.joewilsonforcongress.com.

“Despite all the bad news, we’re seeing a string of economic successes here in South Carolina,” Wilson said about Boeing and Dixie Narco, two companies he helped retain and/or recruit to South Carolina.

“Nancy Pelosi and her liberal policies are increasing unemployment in South Carolina and across our nation, but common-sense conservatives in Congress are proving their dedication to the American people and small businesses across this country to create jobs. Boeing and others are relocating and expanding here because of our friendly people, our right-to-work laws, our education system and lower taxes." Wilson said.


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