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Toombs Tax Collections About Normal
Monday, 09 November 2009

November 9--  With tax bills for this year about to be mailed in Toombs County, Tax Commissioner Julie Reaves reports she's collected about 95 percent of the property tax owed the county.

"We're pretty much running what we would run from year to year, we're not that far behind," she says.  "We have had a slower time because of the economy this year because of all the job layoffs, but for the most part we're right there where we normally are this year," Reaves notes.

  Total Bill Uncollected % Uncollected
2008 $3,908,667.57 $197,990.82 5.07%
2007 $3,855,380.28 $68,032.33 1.76%
2006 $2,469,536.05 $30,925.72 1.25%
2005 $2,345,570.22 $16,213.25 0.69%
2004 $2,273,151.74 $6,004.24 0.26%
2003 $2,213,098.53 $7,768.18 0.35%
2002 $2,267,244.45 $5,146.22 0.23%
2001 $2,385,854.12 $4,929.31 0.21%
2000 $1,993,538.14 $1,059.94 0.05%
1999 $1,878,091.81 $200.50 0.01%
1998 $2,033,381.34 $96.05 0.00%
1997 $1,974,708.34 $113.92 0.01%
Total ------ $29,598,222.59 $338,480.48 1.14%

 Includes Real and Personal Property

     Majority of 2008 will be collected

     58.49% of outstanding taxes are current year taxes

The Tax Commissioner expects property tax bills to be sent before the end of November.  She's waiting on the County Commission to complete a series of public hearings regarding a property tax increase so she can prepare the bills. "Hopefully, the bills will be mailed out by the end of this month.  If they go out before the end of November, they'll be due by the end of January," she said.

The tax collection rate for property taxes in Toombs County is around 99 percent during the last 12 years.  For those who don't pay, the Tax Commissioner sells their property at public auction.

"Next Tuesday we're going to start posting propery, so the taxpayers will start seeing little signs for the property which is scheduled to be auctioned off on December 1st, she says.

Sixty pieces of property are scheduled for sale in December with another 150 scheduled for auction the first Tuesday in February, according to Reaves.

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