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Tea Party Pats Against Healthcare Bill
Thursday, 05 November 2009

November 5--  A group of Tea Party Patriots from the Vidalia area protested the Pelosi healthcare bill Thursday in front of the Vidalia office of Congressman John Barrow.


Abe Glaser with the group believes members of Congress who ignore the will of the people will be voted out of office.  "I think we're just a fly in the ointment at the moment, but I think they got a little kick in the stomach here recently from the last elections.  It's fixin to get a lot worse than that and if they don't pay attention to what the real people want, not the beltway people, they're going to lose their jobs.  We're not going to take up arms.  What we're going to do is vote them out of office if they don't follow the Constitution and do what's right for America," he says.

We asked Congressman Barrow's office if he intends to vote for the pending healthcare legislation.  His spokesperson said he's still reading the bill and has not decided how he'll vote.

Meanwhile, a Republican candidate for Congress who may face Barrow in next year's general election was in Vidalia this week and says Congressman Barrow is following the same tactic as he did with the cap and trade law.

According to Carl Smith, "There is no doubt about it.  He votes whichever way he thinks the wind is going to blow for the next election, and that's just something we need to get rid of.   You need to know where somebody stands because if you call his office today, they'll probably tell you he hasn't made up his mind yet.  Same thing with cap and trade.  He never made up his mind until five minutes left in the vote and once there were enough Republicans who voted for cap and trade, he was allowed to go vote against it."

The vote in the House is expected to be Saturday.

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