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Barrow Reading Healthcare Bill
Thursday, 05 November 2009

November 5--  We asked the staff of Congressman John Barrow to tell us how he will vote on the House version of the healthcare bill which is expected to be voted upon soon.  Here's the answer from staffer Jane Brodsky.

"It is our understanding that the vote will occur sometime this weekend.

Congressman Barrow is currently reading the bill and then will begin to decide how he’ll vote.

He supports health care reform and thinks there are actions they can take right now to fix the health insurance system, like outlawing discrimination based on preexisting conditions, and making sure that small businesses and individuals can get insurance at the same rate as big businesses and the federal government. 

He continues to have concerns about how much this particular bill is going to cost.  As he told the House leadership in a letter last week, health care reform should get costs down and keep them down.  Legislation that we can't pay for in the long run isn't going to stand the test of time.  He thinks the Senate Finance Committee version of the bill accomplishes the goals we need to achieve in a more cost-efficient manner, and the reform he ends up voting on should look more like that.  He's also concerned that the burden this particular bill will place on employers is too high, given the economic crisis we’re still in."




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