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What Was That??
Tuesday, 03 November 2009

November 3--  Do you have any idea what Jim saw?  He provides the following story about what he saw late Monday near his home in Montgomery County.  If you think you know what he saw, email us at zfowler@vidaliacommunications.com .

"At dusk yesterday I drove up to the house and was greeted by my wife on the side porch with our two shelties. The dogs were barking and dancing around aggressively. My wife commented that they had been going on like that for the past half hour. As I walked up to the porch she exclaimed, “Jim what is THAT?” I looked across our yard toward the wood line at a side profile of a grayish brown feline shaped animal. (the head was hard to make out and appeared to be much darker) The animal was easily three times the size of our shelties and did not move for about 30 seconds. I said, ”It looks like a very large bobcat from here.” The feline shaped creature turned back toward the woods and slowly strolled off. As the animal entered the woods I saw a tail shaped like a hook swinging back and forth.

We live on a 200 acre spread just outside of Long Pond.

Thanks, Jim Beall


Hey Zack.  Hope all is well in South GA.  Saw the article about the large kitty kitty Mr. Beall reported seeing.  If I was a betting man, I would have to say a Georgia Panther (Think smaller cousin of the traditional cougar or mountain lion).  A friend and myself were deer hunting about 10 to 12 years ago South of Uvalda, and saw one and heard it.  Now I am not talking about no purring or growling.  The best way I can describe it, is almost like a woman screaming at the top of her lungs.

I know it is almost like an urban myth:  Lots of sightings but no photos.

Who knows. I thought you might find this interesting also:




I bet it was an Eastern Cougar.  Dent Temples has told me he has seen a couple before.  Last, time I talked to him he had not seen it in a year or so.  These cats cover a huge territory, so, it probably is likely that this is what he saw. 

Brian Frost


I don't know what JIM saw, but last night at the MC BOE meeting Terry Outler DID have a pic of a panther that someone up there had caught on video in a field. The big cat had a full-grown deer in tow. Terry at the Saw Shop in Alston might be able to give you more details. (I have seen panthers in my back yard and at the state park in Twin City, by the way. SCARY!)

Kathy Bradford


Are you seriously asking folks to decide what he saw?  He saw a panther.  There are panthers as far north as Swainsboro.  Panthers are brownish gray with a definite cat look, a darker stripe down the back of the animal, and a curved tail that's nearly as long as the body of the cat.  Panthers are rare north of the Florida/Georgia line, but not unheard of.  They are beautiful, graceful animals.

Nita Crump, Mt Vernon/Roberta

Zack, I’m not sure what Jim saw, definitely sounds like a panther, however; I do have to add that the wild life in the area is apparently growing.  Last May on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend I saw what I initially thought was a baby bear near the new cell tower on 221 and Fire Tower Road.  I looked at the face of the bear, thinking it was a baby.  After another visit to Waycross’s Okefenokee Swamp I viewed the South Georgia Bear and realized my bear was not a baby but a full grown bear.  At the time the weather had been rainy and the swamps near the river were too wet, which probably led to the bear being this far from the river swamp.  Rumor has it about once a year a lady in this area would see a bear come through for years…who knows?  I know I saw a bear.  I will continue to watch my 5-year-old son when he is playing outside for all the creatures that live in the wild.


Evelyn Carpenter

Long Pond Resident

I live half way between Mt. Vernon and Long Pond on Hwy. 221. I have heard several unexplained "screams" and "purrs" at night around here. Also have seen big tracks(4-6 inches long) within the past month that I could not explain. I am a firm beliver that there are panthers or big cats of some sort in this area. I grew up in Oak Park and saw a panther with my own eyes. My father and a friend on mine also saw one within the same week.
Mr. Beall, i would love to come to your place and try to capture a picture of it on a trail camera. If you are interested please look me up in the phone book.
Jeffery Lawson


Several years ago DNR released cougars on Buckhorn Creek between McGregor and Old Savannah Road.  Several have been spotted in areas south of Hwy 280 since they were released.

I believe is might have been a Puma!  We live in Normantown and our 5 acres are surrounded by approximately 100 acres undeveloped.  One morning my husband was outside about 5:00AM and heard what he thought was a woman screaming – it sent chills down his spine and he came into the house.  A few days later he was telling our neighbor about it (owner of the land surrounding us) he is retired and rides his four-wheeler out just surveying things and saw a Puma!  I believe it is very possible with our close proximity to Florida and the fact that they are protected in Florida they could be moving into our area!!! What do you think?

Betty Davis.

Hi Zach!
My son and I saw two of these cats in our neighborhood in Soperton.  We had just turned at a stop sign and they just walked across the road about 30 feet in front of us.  One of them was a good bit larger than the other.  They were DEFINITELY cats and these had long tails....not bobcats.  The larger cat was almost as big as our mastiff!

I don't know what Jim saw, but, I did see a herd of bulldogs, blinded in one eye, running north from Florida. Kathy and Earl Butler.











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