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Family Says Paper Erred
Thursday, 22 October 2009

October 22--  The family of a Vidalia man say they have been misquoted in an area newspaper regarding the death of their son.  The Tattnall Journal quoted the mother of Joshua Harrison as saying he died of the N1H1 virus (Swine Flu).  Below is a letter to the paper from Joshua's father requesting a retraction.

"I am the father of Joshua Harrison, the Pinewood Christian Academy teacher who recently died and who was written about in your paper. I had heard about the article concerning my son but had never read it until today (Oct. 16) and I can tell you I am pretty well incensed about it. Besides the writer's sheer gall in contacting a still-grieving mother for the purpose of writing a sensationalized story, the article quoted my wife as saying things that I know for a fact she never said, because I was there and heard the conversation. It is my understanding is that quotation marks indicate a precise, word-for-word quote of the person being cited. Apparently Mr. McCall sees it differently because the lengthy quotes he attributed to my wife are mostly fabricated, pieced together from fragments of answers to his questions and with him then filling in the rest as he saw fit. Specifically, he quotes my wife as saying that a swine flu diagnosis had been confirmed. This was a complete fabrication on the part of Mr. McCall as this was neither said nor implied by my wife.

For the record, allow me to state the facts as we know them and as my wife told Mr. McCall. My son's swine flu test came back NEGATIVE, and we were never told definitively that he had the swine flu. The doctors did tell us that a significant percentage of the tests come back negative in actual swine flu cases, and it was their OPINION that his condition was indeed brought on by the swine flu and they were treating him as such. This is all we know, and anything beyond this is speculation. I also want to state for the record that, contrary to the implications of the article, we do not believe that there has been any kind of cover-up as to the facts of this case, either by Pinewood Academy or by the medical community. Due to the falsified quotes and incorrect information (which was attributed to my wife), I am requesting that your paper print a retraction of this article."




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