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MRMC Disputes Ex-Candidates Claim
Thursday, 01 October 2009

October 1--  One of the three candidates in the Republican primary for the 12th Congressional District seat is withdrawing from the race.

Dr. Wayne Mosley of Vidalia sent an email announcing his withdrawal from the race and claiming it's because he's involved in breach of contract arbitration with Meadows Regional Medical Center.  According to Dr. Mosley, he's "accused of breaking his contract because I obeyed an order to serve our country in Afghanistan and Iraq."  He served as an Army orthopedic surgeon in the war and claims his dispute with the hospital involves his deployment to Afghanistan in March, 2003.

Meanwhile, Meadows CEO Alan Kent issued a statement saying Dr. Mosley's military service is irrelevant to breach of the agreement he entered into with Meadows Regional Medical Center.  Kent says the hospital proudly granted his leaves of absence for military deployments when he requested them.

According to the medical center CEO, "It is also unfortunate that Dr. Mosley has attempted to use this dispute as a creative exit strategy from his congressional campaign."

One of Mosley's opponents in the primary, Jeanne Seaver of Savannah, said his campaign was the most well-funded and that he was the perceived frontrunner in the race.  Mosley says he will refund all campaign contributions.

From: J. Alan Kent, CEO, Meadows Regional Medical Center (MRMC)

It is with regret that I read the statment released by Dr. Mosley earlier today.

MRMC would like to make clear that Dr. Mosley's military service is irrelevant to his breach of the agreement he entered into with MRMC.  In fact, MRMC proudly granted Dr. Mosley leaves of absence for his military deployments when he requested them.  MRMC is proud of Dr. Mosley's service and the service of all of our employees and affiliates who serve our country.

Unfortunately, Dr. Mosley has seen fit to send out a press release about an ongoing contractual dispute between him and MRMC and he has used this dispute as an excuse for abandoning his campaign for Georgia's 12th Congressional District seat.  The matter between Dr. Mosley and MRMC is in arbitration and is not a matter of public record. It is also unfortunate that Dr. Mosley has attempted to use this dispute as a creative exit strategy from his congressional campaign.
Dear Friends,

 There are times when you must choose between what you want to do and
what you need to do.  Right now is one of those times for me.

A few months ago, Allen Kent and Howard Holman, (the CEO and VP for
Business Development respectively, for the local hospital in Vidalia),
accused me of a breach of contract.  This was an action filed this
year for an allegation dating back to 2003.  Specifically it involves
my deployment to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom
in March of 2003.  As shocking as it may sound, I’m accused of
breaking my contract because I obeyed an order to serve our country in
Afghanistan and Iraq.

I have tried to resolve this matter for most of the last three months,
but it appears as though it will drag on for quite some time longer. I
am therefore obligated to re-evaluate my viability as a candidate for
Georgia’s 12th Congressional District.  Please keep in mind that I do
not consider this a mere PR problem. There are three areas that I must
consider going forward. In ascending order of importance they are:

Number 3:  Costs.  Litigation is expensive –even more expensive than
campaigning.  I have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars
defending myself already and see no real end in sight.  The only
possible sources of funds for my defense is either money I had set
aside for the campaign, or taking time off the campaign to increase my
earnings. Both of these options hurt the campaign, seriously and

Number 2:  Time.  Without a doubt this ends up being a campaign’s most
precious resource.  I have allowed this litigation to take my time
away from campaigning.  But I did so only with the intent to bring it
to a quick conclusion.  What will happen in the future is the relevant
question.  For that answer, I direct you to the next area.

Number 1:  The most important issue here is that all Veterans should
be protected from false charges for obeying the legal orders of our
Commander-in-Chief. Allowing Reservists and Guardsmen to be harassed
and damaged financially for serving our country, will decimate the
ranks of our Reserve and National Guard forces. That action my friends
puts our country and our safety at risk. I am unwilling to let this

            My mother always told me to keep my heart and my mind open
and God will use me as a positive force.  I believe I can be a
positive force, even at the cost of my candidacy.  Is it worth it?  I
have no doubt that it is!

Therefore with this message, I will discontinue my candidacy for
Georgia’s 12th congressional district.  For those of you that have
already donated financially, there is only one way I know to handle
such.  It is your money, so a full refund is forthcoming.  For those
of you that have donated your time and energy, such effort is
priceless and could never be fully repaid.  But know that you have my
unyielding respect and loyalty.  And when the time comes that I can be
of service to you, I hope you will call on me.

With Respect,



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