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Barrow Checking Pulse on Healthcare
Wednesday, 02 September 2009

September 2--  Twelfth District Congressman John Barrow is hearing from constituents about the current healthcare bill in Congress. "Folks want an opportunity to understand what's going on.  They want us to fix what's broken and not to break what's working just fine.  That's a theme I hear over and over again," he reports. 

Barrow is  one of three Democrats on the House Committee who worked on the bill and refused to rubber stamp it for the administration. He's still hoping for some type of compromise.

"I think we should focus on those things which have the broadest base of support in the country.  Things like insurance regulation reforms which are long overdue, things like getting rid of pre-existing conditions as a means of discriminating against folks, things like group-based rating which force small businesses and self-employed folks to pay anywhere from 18 to 20 percent more for the same benefits package as for someone who works for General Electric or General Dynamics.  For substantially the same package, it cost a whole lot more for the little guy and that's where the insurance companies discriminate against the little guys," he says.

Congressman Barrow says he hopes other members of Congress will go back to Washington with a better understanding of where their constituents stand on healthcare.  

"We did succeed in preventing the House of Representatives from voting on this until after the August break.  I think that will give us a chance to go to school and go to work on this bill to get things out of this bill which are overboard and overbroad and bring to the forefont the things which are good which we can all agree on," Barrow said.



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