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Congressman Visits Chicken of the Sea
Thursday, 27 August 2009

August 27--  Twelfth District Congressman John Barrow met with Chicken of the Sea executives and took a tour of the new tuna processing plant currently under construction north of Lyons Thursday afternoon.

Congressman John Barrow (center) shakes with Chicken of the Sea President and CEO Shue Wing Chan with local plant manager Ian Boatwood on the left.

The company is investing $20 million installing state of the art equipment in the former Symington Windows building and hopes to be up and running by the first of October.  Six giant boilers manufactured in Thailand have recently arrived and been installed in the building.

After the tour, Congressman Barrow says he's impressed with the company's plans to produce a safe food product.  "We don't know what goes into making up the stuff that we eat and use, but anybody is going to have the opportunity to tour this place and understand all the care which goes into mass producing the safest food in the world.  If it's made and processed in this country, you can be sure it as wholesome and nutritious and safe as it can be," he said.

The Georgia Department of Labor and the state Quick Start office are currently screening some 1,800 applications to work at Chicken of the Sea, and Congressman Barrow says the 200-plus jobs being created are a credit to forward-thinking by local leaders.

"We're mighty lucky to have had the leadership in this community to lay the foundation for this.  Folks who had the vision to invest in this are to be commended.  The jobs that we are getting and the additions to the tax base are the payoff," Barrow said.

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