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Fire Chief Runs for Congress
Friday, 07 August 2009

August 10--  The Fire Chief of Thunderbolt near Savannah is running for the Republican nomination for Congress in the 12th Congressional District.

Carl Smith, also a former Thunderbolt city councilman, is opposing Dr. Wayne Mosley of Vidalia in next summer's Republican primary.  The winner will face the Democrat nominee who is expected to be incumbent John Barrow of Savannah in the November general election.

"This is a tough race, but I believe a majority of people in the 12th District have hardworking family conservative values.  We need people in Washington who understand what it is when you wake up on Monday morning, have a bill due Wednesday, and you don't get a paycheck till Friday. Quite frankly, Mr. Barrow and most of the people in Washington don't understand that, and I get very frustrated when I hear people telling me what we all feel on a daily basis when we're the ones having to work two jobs and put our kids through school.  I just feel if we had more people up there making decisions, things would be a little bit better on working people," Smith says.

Smith says he decided to run for Congress because he is alarmed by the direction the country is going under the current administration.

"Eventually these people are going to find a way to take away our rights.  They want to control the energy companies, the pharmaceutical companies and medicine.  They're already controlling the car companies, and now they're wanting to control our healthcare.  Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, you should be concerned," he says.

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